Breaking: DMDC SAGR survey administered this morning to B-Splits

This morning at 0630 EST, B-Splits were mustered to take the Defense Manpower Data Center (“DMDC”) Sexual Assault and Gender Relations (“SAGR”) survey as part of the biennial surveying process. This will be part of the 2015-16 SAGR.

A copy of the survey administered this morning is here.  A tip of my old Zombo High Pressure Cap to the person who got us the copy so quickly.

The survey unfortunately continues to include the error of asking about incidents of SA/SH since June 2015.  As we explained here about the past surveys, with the survey administered to B-Splits in November 2016, that means the survey period applied to the B-Splits is double what was applied to the midshipmen who took the survey in in April or May of this year and double the survey period for the SAGR survey administered to all of the other Academies. Unless an appropriate adjustment is (and can be) made in the data when it is reported, the survey will over-report incidents of SA/SH at USMMA in comparison to the other four federal academies.

DMDC obviously attempted to make some improvements to the survey. For some of the questions, there are now USMMA specific answers that are designed to get closer to finding out specific information about sea year.  Unfortunately, the options given are vague; and they overlap with other answers and actually may result in overstating incidents of SA/SH by double counting the same incidents.  We’ll have more on this after we’ve had an opportunity to fully assess the survey questions.

We are getting reports that the survey was “mandatory.”  We are trying to confirm whether this means that the midshipmen were required to appear for the survey and then given the option to complete it or not; or whether they were told that they had to actually fill out the survey. If it was the latter, that introduces new errors into the survey.   Anyone with direct knowledge about this can contact us (in total confidence) at the confidential tip page or by email to: Andy Simpson 82 [at sign] save kings point .com  [no spaces].  You may forward the email that the administration sent out announcing that the survey was mandatory to that email address and all identifying information will be redacted before we post it.


  1. All that is going on at KP is unbelievable and certainly the basis for a movie on corruption.

    Please keep up the great work of exposing this mess.

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