Word is leaking out that LMI may be “wired” to get the RFQ

My hunch that a company named “EverFi” was “wired” to get the RFQ may have been wrong. We have received word that employees of a company named “LMI” (presumably this company) think the company has been chosen even though the bids are not due until today.  This information goes hand-in-hand with statements apparently made two days ago by DOT that the company has already been chosen.

Keep in mind that this sort of “information” is merely rumor and it comes from  second-hand sources.*  I normally wouldn’t comment on a rumor unless there was other evidence that was tending to suggest that the rumor was correct.  In this case, though, I think it’s important to have it out there before the bid is officially awarded. If LMI does get the contract and this information was out in advance, then it gives more reason for the Inspector General to take a good hard look at how the RFQ was handled.  And if the plan is for LMI to get the contract but this post makes someone in DOT think twice about it, that would be a good thing, too.

*Of course, some say that a rumor at Kings Point is just a premature fact.  😉