1. That ship assignments have not been restored since Sea Year was reinstated shows lack of coordination and planning on both MARAD and the Administration. Hopefully this political fiasco will end and Midshipmen can return to one of the greatest education experiences offered by any college. Bob Jacobs 62

  2. After listening to this town hall dialogue, it dawned on me what is the ultimate irony of this self imposed dilemma concerning sea year on commercial vessels for Kings Point cadets.

    In 1943 at the creation of Kings Point, the United States Government deemed it appropriate to send Kings Point cadets on commercial ships in the midst of a World War. As we all know, 142 of them were killed by enemy action. This has been the lodestone of Kings Point tradition ever since.

    Now in 2016-17 the United States Government has deemed it inappropriate to send Kings Point cadets on commercial ships due to a threat of sexual harassment. What politically correct cowards we have become!

  3. Apparently, MARAD has determined that the small probability of being harassed on a commercial ship, and the even smaller probability of being assaulted, are fates worse than death. Indeed, what would the 142 say?

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