1. My son (current m/n) mentioned that this banner was taken away and thrown in the dumpster by someone in the administration…then some of the mids retrieved the sign, which was later taken away. Does anyone from 76 or people attending homecoming have any information about that?

    • Yes, BILL J. FELL, USNA ’78 (KP Assistant Director of PE and Athletics), came running up and ripped the banner out of my hand and friend’s hand. He yelled, “This is MY field! You cannot display that.” There were numerous verbal protests made and 1st amendment calls to no avail.

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    With all of the unnecessary turmoil at the Academy these days it would be appropriate for the Secretary of DOT, the Administrator of MARAD and the Superintendent of the Academy to read and understand The American Maritime History Project. In pertinent part the following: “Every Kings Pointer is a volunteer, just like the 142. No one can force a person to go to Kings Point, let alone graduate; just like no one could force the 142 to go where they would ultimately die. This is the real message of the 142 to the generations of Kings Pointers who made the Academy what it is today and for those that will shape its future. “ IF THERE WAS ANOTHER GULF WAR TODAY WOULD THE ACADEMY REFUSE TO SEND CADETS TO COMMERCIAL VESSELS? I WOULD HOPE NOT. SO, LIKEWISE ALLOW THE CADETS TO CHOOSE COMMERCIAL SEA YEAR OR NOT, IMMEDIATELY. HAVE THEM SIGN A RELEASE OF LIABILITY IF THAT IS WHAT IS REQUIRED THESE DAYS….BUT LET THE CADETS DECIDE.

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