Breaking: OSG approved for sea year (and data from MARAD on how it calculates sea year restoration is coming)

Owen Doherty, ’81, an Associate Administrator at MARAD, reached out to me today to provide data on how MARAD calculates the percentage of restoration of sea year.  I’m digesting that information, will take him up on his offer to answer any questions I have about it, and will then put up a post that explains the MARAD calculation.

But, in the course of our conversation and a follow up email, he indicated that today OSG was approved for sea year.  I wanted to get that information out right away.  OSG is a really important addition, because it offers opportunities to get experience on oil tankers.

According to my data, OSG only has one MSP ship (required to take two midshipmen from the Academy) but operates another ten non-MSP ships that can take midshipmen if OSG wishes to.


  1. This post leaves me optimistic, if only because there is a name willing to be attached to the information you will be getting, which automatically makes it more credible. This is particularly true if he is willing to answer any follow up questions you may have. The fact that he is an alumni of USMMA certainly helps as well, although I would have thought the same about Rodriguez.
    Anyway, like I’ve said all along, I would like you to be proven wrong or at least misinformed because that would be good for my mid and his classmates. So far , it seems you have always been right, which is unfortunate for my mid and his classmates. The one thing I know for sure is that if the real numbers are different than what you published, unlike MARAD so far, you will not be afraid to correct yourself. Thank You.

    • I too am optimistic. Mr. Doherty provided me with some initial data and I responded with a number of questions. He answered those questions and his answers caused me to ask some follow up questions. He answered those follow up questions and then emailed me indicating that a couple of his prior answers were incorrect and that he was double checking with an Academy Training Representative to make sure that he had accurate information.

      I plan to post the MARAD data after I’m confident that I understand it and can explain it fairly. At that point, if I have any criticism of the data or the calculations, I will also post that criticism. At present, I think I understand most of the data; but, I still have some gaps in my understanding that I’d like to close before I post. I sent him several follow up questions this morning.

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