Credit to Congressman Lee M. Zeldin (NY-1)

Someone just sent me Congressman Lee M. Zeldin’s letter to Secretary Foxx in which he calls for the immediate end of the stand down cancellation:

“I urge you to lift the Sea Year stand down and to allow the midshipmen to return to sea. I believe the USMMA can both develop proper protections for the students and allow them to receive the essential training provided by Sea Year.”

Congressman Zeldin wrote this letter on August 26, so he was one of the first Congressmen that I know of to come out publicly and seek the end of the stand down right away.  (He also signed this letter from the 13 Members of Congress that I previously posted.) If you are in NY-1, let him know that you appreciate his efforts and encourage him to stay on top of this. You can reach his office through this link.