Middies — You are not abandoned

I’ve heard from some parents about how frustrated the midshipmen are. They are effectively under a gag order from the administration; they are afraid to speak out; and they aren’t getting much feedback on what others are doing to try to address the sea year issue.

Know that there are a lot of us working behind the scenes to try to address the sea year AND accreditation issues (accreditation is actually a bigger issue in the long run, but we have to address both).

We are attacking it from different angles, this blog being only a very small part of it. We are communicating with Congress, the USMMAAAF, industry, the press, other alumni, parents, and anyone else who might be able to help. There are members of Congress who are taking a very close look at the issues (beyond just the letters that are posted on this website). Industry leaders are strongly in your corner, but are wary about speaking out publicly because their companies rely upon business doled about by the federal government and they have to be careful they don’t suffer retribution. BUT, they too are working behind the scenes.

Washington works slowly — and it will seem way too slow for someone concerned about graduating with his or her class. Just know that we are in your corner and lots of us are devoting tremendous resources to help you.

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  1. By what authority can MARAD direct a gag order to the civilian students and order then to not speak out?

    The USMMA leadership discusses the fact how the students fear retaliation, this appears direct case in point if they can not speak out.

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