The USMMAAAF says to read the fine print

I’m glad to see the UMMAAAF getting the message out. They are taking a neutral position, but getting the word out to read the actual documents rather than relying upon summaries. Bravo Zulu.

Here’s the opening of their message, along with a link to the full message:

The following Summary Overview of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) Accreditation Report for the Academy is provided by the USMMA Alumni Association and Foundation’s (AAF) Board of Directors to inform our membership by highlighting what is actually stated in the report, and not just what has been summarized by others.

We encourage all stakeholders to read the Accreditation Report in its entirety. URL links are available throughout the presentation to access the report directly. Only by reading the report, can the reader be educated about the accreditation standards that were not met by the Academy and the magnitude of the effort that will be required to restore the school’s standing with MSCHE.

Click here for the full USMMAAAF message.

You can also read the accreditation report here.  And then compare it to Admiral Helis’ summary here.  When you compare the two, you’ll see why I issued my $100,000 challenge.