Why sea year is so important — from the USMMA Admissions Office

Some members of the Board of Visitors coming to the Academy on November 14 may not be as familiar with sea year as others.  So, here’s an introduction (from the USMMA Admissions Office) as to why sea year is so important and unique:


  1. A reasonable expectation is for the Secretary of Transportation to be replaced in January. Does anyone know if the MARAD Administrator is a political appointee or not? One if not both of Colonel Helis’ superiors will be replaced in January. We should probably focus our letter-writing efforts away from Congress, and towards the Trump transition team.

    • The MARAD Administrator is appointed by the president. It is not a cabinet level appointment, and therefore the appointment is not subject to confirmation by the Senate. I was wrong. It is subject to Senate confirmation.

      I don’t think we should stop our efforts with Congress; however, I agree that we should also be focusing on the transition team. Not sure a general email or letter campaign is the way to do that, however.

      Politico had an article out yesterday about the transition team that states, “Shirley Ybarra, a former senior transportation policy analyst at the Reason Foundation, appears tasked with the Department of Transportation.”

      She was a Special Assistant to the Secretary of Transportation (Elizabeth Dole) in the Reagan administration. Her bio is here.

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