Need tips: What can you tell me about EverFi’s relationship with KP?

The RFQ and the short time given to submit responses to it suggest that DOT and MARAD have pre-selected who will get the contract. I have a sneaking suspicion that it might be intended for a company named “EverFi.”

If my hunch is right, it’s important to some of the people who are working behind the scenes on this that we start documenting — now  — any prior relationship between KP and EverFi (or between EverFi and the Academy Advisory Board or any members of that board).

If the suspicion is correct and there is a prior relationshiop, Congress and/or the Office of Inspector General might be very interested.

You can submit tips, in confidence, to the confidential tip page or via email to (take out all spaces): Andy Simpson 82 [at] Save Kings

I’ve received several helpful tips on other aspects of the sea year stand down cancellation over the last few weeks.  Please keep those cards and letters coming.


  1. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for sharing your “sneaking suspicion” and “hunch.” May inquire about your relationship with USMMA? I suspect you’ve been an alumni for 34 years, but beyond that, are you working in a consulting capacity or is this site and your writing strictly volunteer? Perhaps you would be so kind as to provide some disclosure. Thank you.

    • Hi Gerald. Good questions, and I’m happy to answer them. Yes, I’m a 1982 Dual License graduate from KP. I am not working in a consulting capacity on any other capacity in any way remotely related to the USMMA, the USMMAAAF, MARAD, DOT. The only “consulting” I am doing is frequent communications with the Army of Davids who are taking on Goliath and diligently working to restore a modicum of sanity to MARAD’s dealings with the Academy. I am not getting paid for this effort or the website. I haven’t even put up a “donate” button on the website, although I’m probably out-of-pocket $500 or so in purchasing domain names, and add-ons for WordPress. That pales in comparison to the number of otherwise billable hours (I’m a lawyer) that I’m devoting to trying to get information out.

      I’m a “Flying Bridge” donor to the USMMAAAF but have never attended any of the events for those donors (too busy and too far away). I’ve been back to KP only twice in the last 15 years (for the same reasons). I started taking an interest in MARAD’s shenanigans involving Kings Point when it launched its first attack back a few years back. One of my particular talents as a lawyer is the ability to take a complex issue and present it in such a way that an average juror can understand it. That’s what I’m trying to do with this website.

      The other members of the Army of Davids are either alumni or parents – all working in an unpaid capacity. I was already building this website when, in one of the many conference calls we volunteers have held since June, someone said, “We need a website.” I was able to respond, “Done.” I made it public the next day and started actively promoting it through social media only this last week. I installed a traffic meter this past Tuesday and in the four days since, KPS has had 4490 page views and hit over 450 users on Thursday alone. So it seems like we are filling a need. I hope you are finding it helpful.

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