NJ Congressmen weigh in

Here’s a link to a letter from four New Jersey Congressmen weighing in on the sea year stand down cancellation. I particularly like this:

“[T]he aforementioned press release stated that independent outside experts are being brought in to examine aspects within USMMA. If these issues have been ongoing over the last few years, why were these experts not brought in earlier and before it was deemed necessary to suspend Sea Year? Once again, the delay in addressing well documented problems raises questions regarding failures in leadership at both MARAD and the USMMA.”

This is an election year. If you are in the district of any of these representatives, then let them know you appreciate their effort and intend to “show your love” in the voting booth. The Representatives are:  Scott Garrett (NJ-5th); Leonard Lance (NJ-7th); Frank LoBiondo (NJ-2nd); and Tom MacArthur (NJ-3rd).