Looking for midshipmen willing to be interviewed by a reporter

A reporter from a newspaper has contacted me seeking information about the sea year stand down cancellation.  This reporter is interested in interviewing midshipmen but has agreed that names and identifying information will not be revealed in the story and will be kept confidential. Although the reporter did not specify demographics for potential interviewees, I am sure that, given the subject, the reporter is particularly interested in speaking with female midshipmen.  Likewise, I am sure that she would only be interested in midshipmen who have spent time during sea year aboard commercial merchant ships.

If you are interested, email me at Andy Simpson 82 [at] Save Kings Point.com  (no spaces) or submit information via the confidential tip page. Include a little background information (class year, gender, sea year experience) and the best way that I can safely contact you without compromising your anonymity.  I will then contact you to find out any concerns you may have about protecting your confidentiality and to figure out that best way for you to safely communicate with the reporter.