Maritime TV interviews a midshipman

Maritime TV has obtained an interview with a midshipman about the Sea Year stand down cancellation. You can listen to it here. Even though the voice (and gender) is disguised, the frustration this individual is feeling comes through. And I’m sure he or she speaks for many.

Hint:  The disguised voice is a little difficult to understand.  Click CC (“closed captioning”) in your media player to get subtitles.

Note: Maritime TV was not the media outlet that contacted me asking for interviews as I described in yesterday’s post.  I’m still accepting responses from midshipmen willing to contribute with Acta per Verba (“deeds through words” for those of you who never took Latin).

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  1. It is pretty sad that the Midshipman continues to fear retaliation by the administration and must use a masked voice to prevent potential administrative punishment in the regimental system.

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