Melogy has a credibility problem.

A while back I asked for background information on John Ryan Melogy, the self-appointed crusader against SASH in the maritime industry. I was overwhelmed by the response and still haven’t been able to process all of the information that was sent to me.  But Melogy’s vendetta appears to have arisen out of his claim that the Chief Mate of a vessel  sexually assaulted and harassed him while he (Melogy) was serving as the Second Mate aboard the vessel. The USCG recently completed its investigatioin of Melogy’s claims as well as allegations relating to  conduct by the same Chief Mate directed at a Deck Cadet.

While the USCG found that the allegations of “teasing or hazing and harassing conduct including nonconsensual physical contact” relating to the Deck Cadet were proven, it found that the Melogy’s claims relating to how the Chief Mate treated him were “not proven.” One of the reasons that caused the USCG Administrative Law Judge to conclude that Melogy had not proven his claims was the fact that the ALJ “did not find the testimony of the Second Mate [Melogy] fully credible.”  The decision is here.

Melogy makes a lot of unsupported claims on his website (including the false claim of “specializing in the representation of mariners who have been the victims of shipboard harassment, sexual harassment, and sexual assault“) as well as on his Instragram account.  Consider his credibility when you see or hear his unsupported claims.