Deputy Superintendent Dunlap found to have discriminated and retaliated against Academy’s SASH Program Manager

This discrimination decision is damning.  Last year, Deputy Superintendent Susan Dunlap was found to have engaged in discrimination against the Academy’s Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Program Manger and also to have retaliated against her for engaging in protected Equal Employment Opportunity activity.  (Which means that Dunlap retaliated against the program manager for trying to exercise her rights to work in a discrimination-free workplace.)  Equally damning, the investigator who made these findings found that Dunlap was “untruthful” during the investigation:

“First, we find that RADML Dunlap’s testimony to be untruthful when she states that [she] was aware of the Complainant’s prior EEO activity, but she ‘played no role in it.'”

Consider this: During the relevant time frame, when James Helis was the superintendent and Dunlap his deputy, the two top people at the Academy would have been Honor-Boarded out of the Academy if they were midshipmen.  (For a recounting of just some of Helis’ dishonesty, start here.)  Instead, MARAD had them leading the Academy.

Note also the the report by one witness of how Dunlap and the Academy’s lawyer, Ilene Kreitzer, undermined the SASH Program Manager’s efforts to do her job—all of this occurring while the Academy was under severe criticism for its failure to effectively address SASH.  Many witnesses apparently provided evidence that Dunlap bullied and/or belittled other female employees at the Academy.

In my opinion, both Dunlap and Kreitzer are MARAD shills who do not have the best interests of the midshipmen or the Academy at heart.  It is time for both of them to be removed from any duties relating to the Academy.  Unfortunately, knowing how MARAD operates, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made Dunlap the acting Superintendent when VADM Buono steps down after the Class of 2022 graduation ceremonies next month.

The above is a perfect example of why it is essential that the Academy have a functioning, independent, Board of Visitors.  The Academy’s Board of Visitors is supposed to be an oversight board—providing vital oversight over MARAD and how it mismanages the Academy.  MARAD has done everything it can to prevent the BOV from performing its duties.  I’ll have much more on that in the near future.


Note: I’ve been out of pocket for the last couple of weeks.  Hope to have a few more posts before the Board of Visitors’ meeting tomorrow afternoon.  Stay tuned . . .


  1. This is very discouraging Our midshipmen need the very best ! People of high ethics ,morals and integrity. People who set examples in their daily work. Lead by example.. How in the world are we going to fix a problem when those in position to fix it are working against the program?

  2. I couldn’t agee more. The value of an independent board that is charged with oversight and has the statutory authority to force strategic decisions and tactics is essential!!! As a former trustee of a non military higher education organization, this is essential and normal governance. The ability of independent board members can’t be overlooked. It would be a game changer for the Academy, if they allowed the governance changes o occur.

  3. Who told the BOV Members not to meet for such an extended time?
    If covid-19 was an excuse, why nit zoom meetings?
    What am i missing?

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