Remember how Rodriguez told the midshipmen not to believe what they read on KPS?

Soon-to-be-former Deputy Maritime Administrator Michael “Anchorman” Rodriguez told the midshipmen during the January 6, 2017 all-hands meeting (audio here) that they shouldn’t believe the rumors they read on line.

One of the rumors that was posted on this blog was the rumor that Rodriguez had been chosen to be the superintendent of Texas Maritime.

Well, put another mark in the credibility scorecard for  We called that one; just like we’ve called others. Story about Rodriguez’ move to Texas Maritime here.

Remember that while Rodriguez was negotiating his new position with Texas Maritime, he was making decisions that affect USMMA’s future and potentially benefit Texas Maritime. Just another conflict of interest at MARAD.  I’m no longer even shocked when I read of malfeasance and  questionable practices at MARAD.

Hopefully someone will keep close tabs on any legislative activities by Rodriguez in the coming months and years. Catching him lobbying in violation of the U.S. Code would be quite a satisfying coup.


  1. If he has any integrity whatsoever and he truly believes everything that he has been saying for the last 7 months, he will immediately STAND DOWN any A&M midshipman from going out on commercial ships, unless he thinks only usmma midshipman harass or get harassed.
    The LMI report, of which he was so supportive, made clear that commercial ships were “male dominated” and were where mids supposedly went to learn how to be perverts. Unless he truly believes that only USMMA mids themselves are the problem, he is morally obligated to remove and prohibit Texas A&M kids from going to sea until the private companies meet the standard that they are supposed to meet before the restoration of the USMMA sea year.


  2. By the way, Helis is now left holding the bag with Janacin and Rodriquez gone.
    I truly wish him well because, quite frankly, I have said all along that I don’t think this was his idea. Unfortunately, when you lie down with dogs, you get fleas.

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