Rumor mill: Michael Rodriguez to Texas Maritime?

The rumor mill says that Deputy Maritime Administrator Michael Rodriguez, KP ’79, will be the next superintendent of Texas Maritime.  Having done Chip Jaenichen’s bidding for the past two years — supporting the sea year stand down cancellation and the effort to fund state school ships at the expense of USMMA, he apparently will now be collecting his reward.

Since the heads of the state maritime schools lobby Congress and MARAD for funding, it will be interesting to see how he gets around the statutory prohibition against lobbying an agency after leaving the agency.  Rest assured, we’ll be watching for those lobbying efforts.


  1. He should be ashamed of himself for what has happened to King Point on his watch. He brags and brags to our students and to the parents about what a fantastic career he has had because he is a King’s Point graduate and all the doors that were opened for him on account of his alma mater. Then he allows King’s Point to fail accreditation review, and stood by as MARAD and DOT kicked the sea year leg out of an outstanding curriculum that was applauded by MSCHE. Do no evil Rodriguez. His deeds are deplorable. How can he face himself every day? If he causes KP to fail, then will he have a more illustrious career at a SMA? Shame on him for using our students as pawns in his quest for another notch on his career belt, a belt that was bought and paid for by his taxpayer funded education at KP.

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