[updated] Support KP in the All Academy Challenge

8 pm EST update:  I never attempted to monetize this blog.  It was always about what was best for the Academy.  Now I’m going to issue my first “bleg.”  If your feel that anything this blog did in the past three years was helpful to the Academy (and if you haven’t already supported KP in the All Academy Challenge) please click on the link at the bottom of the page and donate at least $5.00.  (If you want to send a message that you were inspired by this blog, make the donation $19,820  (or $1,982, or $198.20 or $19.82).)   As of right now, we are beating West Point 18.3% to 17.6%.  But in the past, mailed in donations (with a postmark within the required time) have tended to ramp up some of the support from the other Academies.  Presumably because they are not as electronically-advanced as Kings Pointers.   😉    So we need to pad our lead.  And personally, I’d love to see us exceed 20%.   That would be truly awesome.

So click the link at the end of this page . . .


It’s been so nice to not have a reason to blog for the last seven months. New leadership in MARAD and at the Academy makes such a difference. Now is a good time to say “thanks” by supporting the Academy in the All Academy Challenge. That’s a challenge to the alumni from all five federal academies to show their support in terms of percentage of people donating rather than dollars. The Academy is attempting to remain undefeated in the fourth year of the challenge.

As I write this, we are tied for first place with West Point at 15.6% participation. You can donate as little as $5.00.  It’s the participation that counts.  Of course, larger donations are welcome.  I used the occasion to renew my  Flying Bridge membership and encourage one and all to donate whatever they can.

The challenge ends at midnight (PST) tonight.  Don’t delay!

This link will take you directly to the donation page for the Academy.