The sacrifice Helis is willing to make

I posted the transcript of the meeting between Superintendent Helis, Deputy Administrator Rodriguez and the National Parents Association here.  My classmate, Mark Bonatucci, has posted some detailed comments here.  To me, the most amazing statement in the meeting was this one by Superintendent Helis:

We took the stand down to protect the safety of our midshipmen and to put a better learning environment in place, that’s why we did it. And if the worst consequence is that some of our midshipmen graduate late and that is the price that we pay to protect our midshipmen, to protect them from being harassed, hazed, bullied and traumatized, I’m willing to pay that price. I’m willing to pay that price.

I think I finally figured out where Superintendent Helis honed his leadership skills:



  1. I was there, and that was one of my biggest takeaways too. I guess its very easy to be altruistic when you are not the one on the altar…

  2. I think we would all be willing to sacrifice Superintendent Helis’ leadership to resolve this issue; and the sooner the better.

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